Neighborhoods and areas
Neighborhoods and areas

Neighborhoods and areas

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One city, innumerable proposals. The Argentine capital has 160 museums, 287 theaters, 380 bookstores, 7000 bars and restaurants and more than 100 green spaces, among many other attractions. Filter by category or directly by the neighborhood you want to visit. And choose between everything that Buenos Aires has for you!

Neighborhoods and areas

Puerto Madero

This neighborhood off the coast of Buenos Aires is the most modern part of the city. With towering glass skyscrapers, elegant restaurants and trendy nightclubs, Puerto Madero is enjoyed by the rich and famous. It is considered today as the most important business center and also one of the tourist attractions that cannot be missed when visiting Buenos Aires. Main attractions: Puente de la Mujer - Ecological Reserve

Neighborhoods and areas


50metres from the hotel.

It is the greatest emblem of Buenos Aires. Built in 1936 on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the first founding of the city. Whoever visits our city cannot stop photographing this impressive monument, strategically located in the Plaza de la República, at the intersection of two of the most important avenues: 9 de Julio, among the widest in the world, and the "street" Corrientes, one of the main cultural centers of the city.

Neighborhoods and areas

Plaza de Mayo

1.3 km from the hotel

It is the oldest square in Buenos Aires and the scene of all the most important political events in Argentine history. Bordering the Plaza de Mayo are several historical and government buildings: the Cabildo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Government House (known as Casa Rosada, seat of the National Government), the City Government Palace, banks and ministries.

Neighborhoods and areas

Peatonal Reconquista

700 meters from the hotel

It is the right place to have fun in the downtown of the City of Buenos Aires. An aesthetically very striking pedestrian, a large number of bars and pubs are located throughout its extension, they unfold their tables both inside and on the sidewalks, which generates a very entertaining and cheerful atmosphere. Many of them have Irish styles and aesthetics such as The Kilkenny, the most famous bar in downtown Buenos Aires.

Neighborhoods and areas

Peatonal Florida

500 meters from the hotel

This commercial pedestrian starts on Av. Rivadavia and ends at Plaza San Martín. Its route is full of shops: regional and leather goods, shops and galleries, banks, bookstores, travel agencies, cafes and restaurants. It is "an open-air shopping". You can also enjoy street shows such as tango dancers, guitarists, singers and illusionists; and enjoy the most beautiful buildings in Buenos Aires.

Neighborhoods and areas

Plaza San Martín

1Km from the hotel

It is one of the oldest squares in the city, the scene of important historical events. The French landscaper Carlos Thays, responsible for many of the main green spaces of the City and Director of Parks and Walks from 1891, made great contributions and incorporated new species to its vegetation. In addition to its various native and foreign specimens, it presents monuments of great importance and sculptural works.

Neighborhoods and areas

San Telmo

1.5 km from the hotel

It is one of the oldest and most traditional neighborhoods in Buenos Aires. It is part of the Historic Quarter of the city and preserves a large part of its architectural heritage. Its cobbled streets, low houses and patios with cisterns suggest a picture stopped in time. It also stands out for its bars, restaurants, tango shops and, especially, for the wide variety of antique dealers in different areas.

Neighborhoods and areas


2.5 km from the hotel

It is the most elegant neighborhood in the city for its buildings, its commercial area and its famous cemetery. Its name derives from the Convent and Church of the Recoletos friars who arrived here at the beginning of the 18th century. It is distinguished by the quality of its architecture, the aristocratic character of its residences and palaces, and its squares. The Church, the Cemetery and the Cultural Center form an architectural complex rich in history.

Neighborhoods and areas


6 km from the hotel

One of the most emblematic walks in the city of great attraction for its visitors. Its typical tin conventillos and its walls painted in different colors, are an open-air museum. In the “Fair of Plastic Artists of Caminito” contemporary artists with outstanding careers exhibit and sell their works inspired by the color of their surroundings and the tango feeling.